About us

Freelance Guides was created to make freelancing more satisfying and profitable for people that sell their time to others. Everyone involved in Freelance Guides is or was a practicing freelancer.

Most freelancers have the same problems:

  • Never enough money
  • Too much or too little work
  • Estimating is a chore
  • Never enough time to get work done 
  • Cranky clients

Older freelancers (one of our team is 70!) simply get tired of fighting the same battles and are ready for a new way to do things. Maybe they're recently retired and want to start their first freelance business.

Very young freelancers (some in their teens) have little idea where to begin and they need help.

Some freelancers are at home with kids and have a few extra hours a day to sell what they went to trade school or college to do. They don't want a full-time job and they don't want their freelance work to bleed into evening time at home with their families.

Still others have dreamed about leaving their jobs and starting their own freelance businesses. But they have families and the thought of losing reliable income is petrifying. They have kids to educate and bills to pay.

Freelance Guides isn't for everyone, but it can give the reader a different point-of-view on making all the bits and pieces work as a freelancer. Maybe linking finding business to estimating and invoicing. Readers can slice and dice the advice anyway that works for them, but the pieces of advice are designed to work together.

Most of all, Freelance Guides wants you to have fun, make money, and have a more balanced life working for yourself.